I was looking through a shelf and I saw these babies again after almost 3 years! These were my roaming phone I used to contact family members and friends from the Philippines (I actually had 3 but I gave the one that I used a lot away for another reason). Iused the gray one was when I was first starting out then the pink one when I visited the Philippines in 2011. #freakingthrowback
Welcome to the dark side.. Instead of cookies, all you have is yourelf.
My cherry plant ^__^
I like this screenshot I took while watching their live performance ar AU. Anyways, I’m dedicating this post to the band who helped me get through life when I was at my lowest. Thank you @pierrebouvier, thank you Simple Plan for making music and for being the lovely people you all are. Continue doing what you guys do best <3 #mcm #appreciationpost #pierrebouvier #simpleplan #sp #iwannaseethematwarpedtour
How people see me, how my friends see me, and how I see myself (in order) #animatedmyself #whatidowithmysparetime
Since there’s only 2 months left of Senior year, this is how my senior year went. #thegirllookslikeme
Not even a book worm #sofar #ilikethesebooks
THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING #ifoundafunny #romeoandjuliet #tumblr
#tbt to 2009. Family made me and my uncle act as beggars (for fun) because we were waiting for my flight back to the US after staying at the Philippines for 5 years #goofballs
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